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  • Body and Special oils
  • Bath Salts
  • Room Sprays
  • Astrological Reading

In a World of Chaos , get aligned with yourself
Allow your inner well being to come forth

Astro Essences
Made of 10 different rich, nourishing oils with over 7 essential oils blends for your Zodiac birth sign

Emotional Well-being and anti ageing is not far behind

Know Your Planets, Moon Sign and Ascendant and choose the right Astro Essence


Buy Astro Essences from the Online Shop, though currently delivery is only within UK

My Writings have my articles on Vedic astrology and forecasts

Find Your Birth Chart or Current Planetary details through Your Planets and if you wish, you can Order a Jyotish Reading of your chart

Have a look at some of Videos and Showreels that I've edited

Give the Free Tarot Spreads a try, with interpretations at click of a Card